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Military, cultural, economic, environmental, gender, and public history. The study of the rules underlying the structure of language, and what they reveal about the general principles that determine the development of language in the individual and species.

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Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics, speech science and technology. The study of written work.

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Fiction, non-fiction, novel, short story, genres: romance, mystery, etc. The study of general and fundamental problems, using a critical, systematic approach and rational argument. Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind. Political Science.

The study of national, state, and local government, politics, and policies.

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Political theory, comparative politics, public administration, international relations, public law, political methodology. Music Research. Understanding how music functions, has changed over time, and affects and is affected by the cultures in which it is made.

Science, Technology and Society. The study of how science and technology affect and express human values, politics, and culture.

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Fiction, non-fiction, novel, short story, genres: romance, mystery, etc. Of particular interest is the political and resistive uses of cuteness, for instance among queer feminists. The Futurist Food Manifesto and its political-economic context in Italy. The study of national, state, and local government, politics, and policies. Following on from the core modules on those programmes, and from the additional region-specific courses taken on them, the students will extend their regional knowledge with reference to theoretical and methodological frameworks taught in the core module. This research explores how these are constructed of other models from a set of perceived practices and algorithms, presenting the medium as a site of cognitive practice and memory. A photograph sometimes could tell more than a written article; because, when we are confronted with a photograph, we perceive not just an object but also a messages and emotions which are imposed on us.

Bioethics; science and politics; history of science and technology; science, innovation, and regulation; science, technology and identity; technology and privacy. The study of women, gender, and sexuality in intersection with race, ethnicity, religion, and class. Women and development, gender and technology, gender and media, psychology of sex and gender, gender equity, social policy, reproductive rights and technology, gender and sexual identity.

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Be sure to clearly state your research topic and category in your submission materials. Please note that subtopic include, but are not limited to, those listed here. Media production and influences in North Korea Bollywood's influence on the Indian social context Impact of electronic, video and mobile games on social development of teenagers.

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Museum and exhibition studies, art and gender, aesthetic philosophy, modes of creative production, new technologies in art and architecture, monuments, man-made landscapes, patronage and audience, production of space, design across scales. Historical debates about polychrome sculpture in ancient Greece Graphic techniques in Soviet propaganda posters Expressions of nationalism in Le Corbusier's plans for Chandigarh. Comparison of the use of gestures across various cultures Race in comparative perspective Social movements: Rethinking globalization. Cultural Studies generally examines the phenomena of everyday life and practices for individuals and societies within particular social settings from local to global , typically within the context of the contemporary world.


For some Cultural Studies theses, it may make sense to combine the literature review and the analysis in order to provide a clearer assessment of the findings. In this instance, an appropriate structure would be:. Useful Tip : Always keep in mind the question you are trying to answer!

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A common issue with Cultural Studies thesis writing, as with any longer academic work, is maintaining focus and coherence. Culture : one of the most difficult concepts in the field to pin down, but within the social sciences, it essentially refers to all the goods, ideas, customs, knowledge, etc. See: Williams, Thompson, Boas. See: Simmel, Giddens, Beck. Political Economy : the study of how values and power are produced, exchanged and consumed often related to social inequalities, including class divisions See: Marx, Innis, Graham.

Consumption : the diverse, often mass-produced, material culture e. Ideology : ideas and ideals that form a more or less coherent perspective on culture, society, politics and so on.

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Humanities and Cultural Studies Theses and Dissertations The Promised Body : Diet Culture, the Fat Subject, and Ambivalence as Resistance, Jennifer Dolan. PhD Graduates from the Cultural Studies Program. Queer Muslims: Identity & Sexuality in the Contemporary World, Mohamed Abdou, Thesis. From The.

See: Marx, Gramsci, Althusser.