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Right from the beginning he had decided what he was going to be because it was easy and no one expected more from him. That was until he met Josephine Alibrandi. She was smart, and he did not think he was. He did not want to be a mechanic that worked all day and complained about house payments and petrol prices, he wanted to be a mechanic that has a variety of options, and he wants to discover his identity. Melina Marchetta has written a novel, Looking of Alibrandi, which shows the youth of today that in order to discover your identity you need to have travelled the journey of life, however short that may be.

She uses John Barton, Josephine Alibrandi, Katia Alibrandi and Jacob Coote to show that no matter how old or how bad you think you life is you can still make the decisions to make it better or worse. She cleverly states that when you no longer have the ability to dream you have nothing left to hope for. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Both SADD and MADD have had various positive impacts to the society supportive implications to the well worth of the society in correspondence to the influence they have to our society.

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Melina Marchetta’s “Looking for Alibrandi” Essay

The term of internet according to dictionary is : A system An industrial revolution that had begun with the manufacture of cotton and woolen textiles had, by the beginning of the 20th, transformed the production of most everyday goods. Ranging from food, clothing, appliances, and automobiles, Put some hot water, warm water, and cold water in three bowls. Just use water from your faucet, and please be sure that the hot water is not too hot to touch! Place a finger in the hot water and a finger of the other hand in the cold water.

After a few seconds, place PepsiCo is the largest selling beverage the world over, of course after its arch rival Coca Cola. Pepsi is a big brand, currently Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library. I examined Canadian texts with culturally distinct characters in past undergraduate and graduate course work but found that most characters I came across were historical and not contemporary reflections of youth and none were Greek-Canadian.

Feeling Like an Outsider

In deciding which novels I would examine for my thesis I chose Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca because I wanted to describe why the novels are strong examples of contemporary cultural authentic teen protagonists that young adult readers could relate to. Up to that point I had not realized the similarities in identity development that exist between second and third generation ethnic youth in Australia and Canada.

I connected with the two texts because they authentically represent the experience of growing up between two cultures. The idea of representing culture in fiction for young readers with a sense of normalcy is important to me because growing up between two cultures is something that many youth grow up experiencing. First person narration gives the texts an authentic confessional tone and it is a voice which also appeals to teens. Looking for Alibrandi focuses on the experiences of Josephine Alibrandi or Josie as she reflects on the ups and downs of her last year of high school.

Much of the text centers on her interactions with family, friends, and romantic interests, while she grapples with social acceptance regarding her cultural and family position, as she is being raised by a single mother and comes to meet her estranged father for the first time.

The setting of Saving 7 Francesca reflects how things have changed for ethnically distinct youth in Australia in an indirect way. Francesca is dealing with life in the eleventh grade as she comes to enter a formerly all-male Catholic school, St. Inauthentic Frustration with cultural inaccuracy is a major factor which influenced the selection of my topic and text. Inaccurate cultural details within a work of fiction result in inauthentic cultural depictions. Lena Kaligaris, one of four protagonists Brashares creates in her novel, is a Greek-American who often sees her culture as a burden and detriment to living an American life.

Looking for Alibrandi Essay

According to her parents, Greek was her first language as a baby, but slowly she dropped it when she started school. Her parents never even bothered with Effie [her sister]. Throughout the novel there is a strong disconnect between Lena and her Greek roots. The disconnection between Lena and her Greek identity may come from the inauthenticity of the protagonist.

Being Greek is a cultural category the author may have chosen in order to make the text more culturally diverse.

On her vacation in Greece, Lena does not significantly connect with her Greek heritage either. Her experience of the place is that of a foreigner. In her novel, Brashares is perpetuating a stereotype of what it means to be Greek in many ways. Her character, being an American citizen, is completely out of touch with her heritage, and goes to Greece as a traveler. There has been significant debate in the past about whether or not an author, outside of a given culture, can write authentically about a culture depicted in a work of fiction for young readers Short and Fox Some authors are successful when writing about a culture other than their own and some are not Bapi is a word which does not exist in the Greek language.

Bapi is also not a proper given name or known nickname in Greek. Kostos is not a Greek name, but Kostas is. Further inconsistencies exist with the above being some of the most obvious and frustrating examples for a Greek-Canadian reader like myself.

Finding Identity as a Process of Discovery in Looking for Alibrandi, a Novel by Melina Marchetta

Human experience and an integrated sense of selfhood within the world are paramount in stories which wish to effectively describe what it means to grow up within a distinct cultural group. I did a lot of reading and imagining for those stories. They existed more in my imagination than any place else. I love islands. Brashares produces a stereotypical image of what it means to be Greek in her novel because she does not have first-hand experience of Greece and Greek culture.

Unfortunately, authors are often struck by the same sights. I wanted my Lena to be less pleased with herself. However, Greek readers, like me, are able to notice the inconsistencies and poorly researched simple details of Greek-American life. Authenticity The focus of my research is to highlight the ways in which Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta depict characters of distinct ethnic backgrounds in an authentic way.

Most importantly they do so without having culture or multiculturalism as the main issues of the texts. Her protagonists effectively and realistically depict Italian-Australian identity as it exists for youth who are a part of the third generation Italian diaspora in Australia. The protagonist of the latter, Francesca, is Italian-Australian but being of Italian heritage is not part of her coming of age as it is for Josie.

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Francesca displays her cultural background with subtlety. The subtlety is important when describing what it means to create culturally authentic characters growing up in postcolonial Anglo-centric society.

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In order to construct culturally authentic characters in fiction for children and teens, it is important to show how the characters integrate themselves into Australian society, while negotiating their cultural backgrounds into everyday life. The most prominent feature of culturally authentic texts is how the protagonists negotiate and make sense of identity between home and school.

In Looking for Alibrandi one of the first instances of culture is tied to school. I wanted to go to a school in the inner west where all my friends had gone. They were Italian and Greek. They were on my level. I related to them. They knew what it meant not to be allowed to do something. They knew what it meant to have a grandmother dressed in black for forty years.

I looked like them. We sounded alike as well. It felt good being with other confused beings. We were all caught up in the middle of two societies.

GTV in "Looking for Alibrandi"

Culture is not an issue or something to be negotiated by the seventeen-year-old protagonist, Francesca, it is part of her identity.